Wallpaper Party Animals S

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✳︎ Oval shape wallpaper
✳︎ 142 cm wide and 112 cm high
✳︎ Wallpaper matte and deep in color
✳︎ Divided over 3 sheets
✳︎ Apply with wallpaper glue for non-woven wallpaper
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Wallpaper Party Animals S

There is a party going on in the woods! The sun has just set and the music begins. Fox plays his horn and Beer happily strums along on his guitar. Mole and Badger, the Hedgehogs and the Squirrels dance the night away. Up with those feet! You hear the chattering of the birds everywhere and the Owls cheerfully sing along from the hollow tree. Can you hear them hum?

This Party Animals S wallpaper oval of non-woven wallpaper has a diameter of 142 centimeters wide and is 112 cm high. The wallpaper is matte and deep in color.

Because the oval is divided over four tracks, it can easily be applied step by step.
Our advice is to provide wallpaper strips with wallpaper glue and stick them on a dry, clean wall.
For further instructions there is a clear explanation with the delivery of the wallpaper circle, which can also be found on our FAQ page.

Wallpaper Party Animals S costs € 79.95 

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