Forest Dreams wallpaper circle

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✳︎ Forest Animals wallpaper
✳︎ Diameter of 190 cm
✳︎ The wallpaper is matte and has a deep colour
✳︎ We advise wallpaper glue for Non-Woven wallpaper
✳︎ Divided into 4 sheets
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Forest Dreams wallpaper circle

You can almost hear them snore, while dreaming their Forest Dreams.
The Foxes are sleeping with their noses tucked in their fluffy tails. The big brown bears are dreaming of some tasty honey. A campfire is crackling softly....Owl keeps one eye open! 
This watercolour and pencil illustration paints an exciting background at this original circular wallpaper. Combined with warm hues and dark tones, a couple of starry stickers and a dreamy wall lamp you can create an exciting mood in any child's nursery in an instant.

The diameter of this wallpaper circle is 190 centimeter.
Our wallpaper is strong, will hold its color and is easy to apply.
The wallpaper glue can be applied directly to the wall.
All of our wallpapers are produced sustainably and PVC free.
A manual is to be found at the frequently asked questions on our service page. (FAQ) 

Wallpaper Forest Dreams costs € 129,95 each.

We combined this Forest Dreams wallpaper with the "Little Star" wall lamp, a couple of silver Starry Sky stickers on a dark brown-grey background. 

Sleepy Moon! or our Bear wall decal are also an excellent match.To add a new twist to your woodland theme, just add a tree trunk seat and a couple of sturdy teddy bears! 
Please email us for more ideas or advice and any pictures of your finished interior are always welcome at [email protected]



© All of our products are original Hartendief designs and are protected by copyright. 

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21 Aug 2019
This wall paper is gorgeous and has really transformed our son’s room into something magical. I have no wallpapering experience and this was surprisingly easy to apply. I completed it in around an hour and I’m really pleased with the results. The paper is high quality and the image is beautiful.