She named the animals!

Our products go criss cross around the globe every day. And very often we get great customer photos sharing how our products end up in your kids rooms. We share many of these pictures on our Instagram account. A feast for the eye and a great inspiration for parents trying to come up with ideas for the nursery or toddler kids room. 

At Hartendief we create magical things for magical people. We hope that our products will stimulate the imagination of children. Their ability to create little stories and believe in magic is our greatest joy and motivation. 

We were so happy to hear how pleased this little girl was with her new Rainforest wallpaper.
She adores animals and named the ones in her wallpaper. We love her creative names such as Lilo the tiger, Vanity the lion and Flamingo the elephant. After a recent tropical holiday she also discovered the chameleon in the image. So now he goes through life by the fantastic name of 'Acroba'. Creating stories, sharing moments and making memories. That is what we feel childhood is all about...