Walrus and friends height chart meter

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✳︎ Walrus and friends height chart meter
✳︎ Printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl film
✳︎ Repositionable walldecal
✳︎ Size 30 cm wide and 120 cm high
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Height chart meter Walrus and Friends

Walrus is very big and strong! Polar bear climbs on his head first, then penguin, owl and bunny climb up and finally Robin flutters on top!
Together they make the tallest tower....Robin can almost touch the clouds.
How tall are you?

Height chart meter Walrus and Friends was originally painted as watercolour and is printed on high quality self-adhesive re-positionable vinyl film.
Applying is easy and air bubbles are easy to iron out.
The wallsticker is matte glossy and deep in color.

Please note: We cannot guarantee adhesion of the wall decal to a textured wall.
There will then be too much air under the sticker, causing it to come loose after a while.

Our suggestion is to place the sticker from the bottom up.
Once placed, height chart Walrus and Friends can still be detached and moved several times.

Height chart Walrus and Friends
costs € 29,95 
The sticker measures 30 centimeters wide and 120 centimeters high.

© All of our products are original Hartendief designs and are protected by copyright. 

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