Two Lions Wallsticker

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✳︎ Wall sticker Two Lions
✳︎ Printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl film
✳︎ The sticker is matte glossy and deep in color
✳︎ 48cm wide and 111cm long
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Two Lions wall sticker

Little Lion is a bit sleepy. The sun is shining and Papa Lion yawns.
Together they enjoy the sun and the beautiful day.
When night falls they turn on the Lion night light and Papa Lion reads a story before going to sleep. Good night Little Lion!

Two Lions wall sticker is printed on vinyl wall film with a matte finish and can be easily applied to your wall. Please note! we can not guarantee adhesion of the decal on a textured wall. There will be too much air under the sticker so that it will eventually let go. We recommend placing the sticker on a panel with a structure wall. You can read a tutorial on this blog.

Once applied it can be removed with no issues, however it cannot be re-applied.
It's important to measure and make sure of its placement before permanently sticking to the wall.
We recommend applying the sticker from the bottom to the top.
Once applied it's also quick and easy to remove any air bubbles underneath.

The Two Lions wall sticker measures 111 centimeter high by 48 centimeters wide.
The price is €49,95  



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