Wallsticker Riding the whale

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✳︎ Wall Sticker Riding the Whale
✳︎ Printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl film
✳︎ Matt gloss and deep in color
✳︎ 96 centimeters wide and 42 centimeters high
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Wall sticker Riding the Whale

Bear, Fox and Hedgehog go on an adventure!
Whale is waiting on the beach. "Climb on my back" he says.
There they go, through the waves, with the wind in their fur.
How fast Whale swims! "Can you make a fountain?" yells Hedgehog.
Whale spouts a fountain of water in the air and through the raindrops a rainbow appears in the sunlight.
"That is just wonderful," sighs Fox....

Riding the Whale wall sticker is printed on a PVC free wall film with a matte, paperlike finish.
It can be easily applied to your wall. Please note! we can't guarantee adhesion of this sticker on a textured wall.
Too much air under the sticker can cause the film to eventually let go.
In that case we recommend placing the sticker on a wooden panel.
You can read a tutorial on how to do this on our blog.

Once applied the decal can be removed without issues.
It can easily be re-applied to another spot. We recommend applying the sticker from the left to right.
Once applied it's also quick and easy to remove any air bubbles underneath.

Wallsticker Riding the Whale measures 96 centimeter wide and is 47 centimeters high.
It costs € 49,95 

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