Wallpaper circle Zodiac Animals

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✳︎ Zodiac Animals non-woven wallpaper
✳︎ 190cm diameter
✳︎ The wallpaper circle is matte and deep in color
✳︎ Easy to apply with wallpaper glue for non-woven wallpaper
✳︎ Divided into 4 sheets
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Wallpaper circle Zodiac Animals

The animals dance among the stars in the deep blue of the heavens. Crane dances gracefully and flutters cheerfully with its wings. Hare is jumping and dolphin is laughing. And fly? He humms with joy .... This cheerful zodiac wallpaper circle contains well-known but also unknown animals from the heavens such as the lynx, the crow and the fly....can you spot him? 

The diameter of the Zodiac Animals wallpaper circle is 190 centimeter. 
It is printed on a Non-Woven Wallpaper, 165 grams, extra matt (Smartpaper)
We advise wallpaper glue for Non-Woven wallpaper to install your wallpaper.

Divided into four sheets it is easily applicable with any wallpaper glue on a clean, dry wall. 
We've added an easy-to-follow manual to go with the wallpaper at our FAQ page. 

Wallpaper Zodiac Animals costs €129,95 each.

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