Starry Sky Stickers Silver

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✳︎ Metallic Stickerfoil
✳︎ 30 Stars in different sizes
✳︎ Mat metallic Silver
✳︎ Available in different colours
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Starry Sky stickers

With our combination of metallic silver foil Starry Sky stickers in different shapes and sizes every wall becomes a dream sky. 
The variety of small to large, and five-pointed to nine-pointed stars can turn any wall into a wonderful starry night.

Whether on wall paper or on painted walls, these Starry Sky stickers apply smoothly and you can easily create your own universe.
You can re- create the constellations or even make your very own!

These metallic stickers have a matte silver shine and apply easily.
Removing and replacing goes easy.
For extra grip you can heat the stickers gently with a hairdryer, once applied to the wall.

Every individual A4 sheet has 30 different Starry Sky stars and costs € 12,95 each.

Our Starry sky stickers are available in: White, Silver, Copper, Midnight Blue and Glow in the Dark.

© All of our products are original Hartendief designs and are protected by copyright. 

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