Starry Sky Stickers Midnight Blue

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✳︎ 30 stars in different sizes
✳︎ Light glitter electric blue
✳︎ Available in different colors
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Starry Sky Midnight Blue

With our combination of metallic blue foil Starry Sky stickers in different shapes and sizes every wall becomes a dream sky. 
The variety of small to large, and five-pointed to nine-pointed stars can turn any wall into a wonderful starry night.

Whether on wall paper or on painted walls, these Starry Sky stickers apply smoothly and you can easily create your own universe.
You can re- create the constellations or even make your very own!

These Midnight Blue metallic stickers have a iridescent glow, depending on the lightfall.
From one angle they look deep blue, from another angle you can see the light glisten blue on the metallic foil.

Every individual A4 sheet has 30 different Starry Sky stars and costs € 14,95 each.

Our Starry sky stickers are available in: White, Silver, Copper, Midnight Blue and Glow in the Dark.



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