Welcome to our Hartendief webshop !
Original Design from our own studio
Made by hand by craftspeople from the Netherlands
With respect for our kids and the planet they inherit
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    Ofcourse it's possible that after browsing through our website some questions remain,
    or maybe you would just like to ask us something specific.

    Maybe you would like your order to be gift wrapped?
    Girl or Boy paper or would you like it wrapped in a specific color?
    A gift card attached maybe....

    Or maybe you'ld like to know what light bulb is best to use....
    How long the cord is from the ceiling down....
    If a wonderlamp is big enough for a large room or too big for a small room....

    If it's safe to hang your wall light close to your child's bed. ...
    (We say it's best to place it far away enough for little hands to grab the cord when you have left the room!)

    Maybe you would like your order to be shipped in a few weeks time, and not directly?
    Maybe you have an entirely different question on your mind? Let us know....

    We will try our very best to answer all your questions as completely as possible during office hours, and outside these hours we will contact you as soon as we can.

    During office hours you can phone us at:  (+)31(0)70 5112876 
    or send us an email: [email protected]

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    Frequently asked questions

    1.1 Can I still order your products?

    Yes, for now it is still possible.
    As long as PostNL continues to deliver, we will continue to send the orders.
    The virus cannot be transmitted by mail or packages.
    The deliverers therefore deliver the mail, packages and other shipments for customers as usual.


    1.2 Are there countries where delivery is delayed at this time?

    Unfortunately there are delays in delivery to the following countries.

    At destination below we see delays due to COVID-19: Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Greece,Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Malaysia,Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Suriname, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam.

    In Italy postcodes starting with 24xxx and 25xxx are not re-opened. We are not able to deliver parcels in these areas and items will be returned to sender and will not enter Italy. Parcels that are already in Italy will remain in the buffer until these regions are opened again. 

    2.1 What colors does Hartendief use in photography?

    Our collection can be combined with many different wall colors because many colors are incorporated into the design.

    So there is almost no wrong choice possible. Still looking for a bit of help as you are looking for the right color? We used these colors in our photography.

    2.2 Can I also use the wall sticker and/or wallpaper on a textured wall?

    It is our experience that the wall sticker also adheres well to a slightly less slippery wall. Tip: when in doubt whether the sticker will attach or are you someone who likes to have regular layout changes the room?
    Then it is an idea to stick the wall sticker on a thin wooden plate and saw around the shape.
    Several customers have already done this and it gives a nice 3D effect on the wall.

    2.3 Can I reuse the wall sticker?

    No, that's not possible. 
    Once stuck, the sticker can still be re-placed, but moving after that is not possible. A suggestion: if you think you want to change or move the sticker (for example) it's best to stick the wall sticker on a thin wooden slab and cut around the shape.

    Several customers have already done this and it gives a nice 3D effect on the wall.

    3.1 Is the wall sticker also available looking the other way?

    No, the stickers looking in the other direction are not available.

    The Bear is designed to look to the right, the Polar Bears designed to look to the left. Fox, Little Bear and Hedgehog also look to the left, and the Happy Hare to the right. Sometimes placing the sticker a bit higher ( above a bed for instance) allows you to decorate the way you wanted to in the first place. Do take a look on our Instagram or Pinterest pages for ideas and suggestions. Our customers have found wonderful ways to solve certain decorating issues!

    3.2 Can the wall sticker be re-applied several times?

    Once the wall sticker has been placed, it can't be re-used. Some customers create this DIY: stick the wall sticker on a thin wooden plate or a plate of cork and cut it out.

    3.3 The wall sticker comes loose from the wall, how can this be?

    Walls that have recently been painted or plastered, are often still moist. It takes a while to really get dry. As a result the sticker can come off.
    Make sure that the walls are really dry before you apply the sticker.

    Another issue is when a wall is painted with stain-or water repellent paint or has a rough structure. We advise placing the sticker on a plate of wood and cutting the shape. This way it's moveable and will stick best.

    3.4 Which light bulb should I use?

    For our pendant lamps we recommend using a energy savings or CFL light bulb with a max. of 60 Watt.

    For our wall lamps we recommend using a energy savings or CFL light bulb with 5 to 11 lumen, which equals 30 Watts. LED is also an option.

    3.5 I have not received a cord with my wall lamp

    That could be right. We do not supply a cord to countries that use another plug or voltage. The cost of the cord is deducted from your shipping costs to make up for that.

    You can purchase the right cord at local DIY stores or use one of our suggested links:

    US/CAN customers can order the right cord at Grand Brass

    UK/ IRL customers can order the right cord at Lamp Spares

    3.6 How do I attach the wallpaper to the wall?

    A step by step wallpaper instruction comes with your order. Is the manual missing? Please follow the steps in from this sheet:

    4.1 I haven't received an order confirmation

    Our system automatically generates an order confirmation.
    If you haven't received one, it is likely something has gone wrong.
    Before we try to figure out what happened, we kindly request you check the spam folder of your email.
    Our order confirmation possibly has been placed there  (as this tends to happen with Gmail accounts for instance) 
    If not, do send us an email to [email protected]

    We will try to help you accordingly.

    4.2 Can I change the items of a product bundle?

    No, unfortunately this is not possible.
    The bundles that we offer are selected based on popular combinations ordered.

    4.3 Where can I find the star stickers in your shop?

    If you go to the category wall decals you will see a sub category of 'decorative stickers'. That is where we have a selection of colours and shapes of our small decorative stickers you can use in combination with our lamps.

    4.4 How many star stickers should I buy?

    One sheet of star sticker is sufficient to decorate a wall. There are approx 32 stickers on every sheet.
    So only if you 
    are looking to combine colours, have a huge wall or are a star craze lover you will need extra sheets.

    5.1 I received a fraudulent warning when trying to pay. What to do?

    Always contact your bank when you suspect something fishy when trying to pay.

    All our payments are SSL secured and shouldn't give issues. 

    5.2 My payment has failed. How can I solve this ?

    Just send us an email to [email protected] with the subject 'payment link'. We will forward you a customised payment link with several payment options to choose from.

    5.3 I have payed, but my order has not been shipped yet?

    Payments from abroad can take a few days.
    If you have doubts please contact us, so we can find out if your payment failed, or just takes a few more days.
    In doubt please contact your bank to see if the payment has gone through.

    6.1 Do you deliver to...?

    We deliver internationally to many countries. However, it's possible you wish to order from a country that we currently don't deliver to.
    The best way to check if we do is to look at the list of countries at the ordering page. Just place any item in the shopping card and click on 'checkout'.
    Bottom left of the page you will find a box 'Country/Zip code'. Add your country and refresh-t
    his is where you can check.

    You will see shipping countries and shipping price before checkout.

    6.2 What shipment option should I choose?

    As a consumer choose 'delivery at home or work' for the right shipping price.

    The dropshipping option is only for our wholesale customers 
    ( retail stores only).

    6.3 Is the customs fee and VAT included in my payment?

    No, when VAT doesn't apply to you as a customer from outside EU, you are probably charged at customs. Sometimes customs may also add a customs fee on top of that. We don't have any influence on these prices as every country has its own rules and regulations.

    6.4 How long is the delivery time?

    We deliver from stock most of the time. After receiving payment your order is packed and delivered to a Dutch Post company between 1-3 working days.

    Dutch Post transports to the Dutch border, from there it will be taken over by local Postal companies. (USPS in USA, DHL in UK, DPD in Germany etc.)

    When your order has to be cleared by customs (outside EU countries) please note that customs are legally allowed to take up to thirty days for that.

    Luckily we have experienced that it doesn't take that long, except around Christmas and Holiday season.


    6.5 Where can I find a track & trace code?

    You will automatically receive an email with a track and trace code as soon as your parcel has been shipped by our warehouse. Did you not receive any email? Click here to check the status of your shipment.


    6.6 My track and trace code is not working

    Some international orders receive a non-traceable tracking code.
    This is an error and we are working on fixing that.
    Please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject 'track and trace code'.
    Add your name and ordernummer and we will contact you asap with a new link to the track and trace page of your shipment.

    6.7 My parcel hasn't arrived yet. Can you help?

    International shipments take extra time as they need to be cleared by customs. Legally they are allowed to take up to 30 days for this.
    Sometimes that can cause a delay on your delivery.
    Unfortunately we cannot influence this proces.
    As long as a parcel is in transit at customs you won't be able to see it on the track & trace page, as it hasn't officially 'entered' your country.

    7.1 My product has arrived damaged. What do I do?

    All our packages are shipped under insurance and signature upon delivery.
    We ask you to report the damage by email at [email protected] with the subject 'damaged delivery'.
    We ask you to make pictures of the damaged product(s) and (even when not damaged) a picture of the shipping box. This allows us to see if damage has occured during shipment or at the production or packing process. We will find a solution and resend your order if applicable.

    7.2 I would like to return one or more items of my order.

    No problem. You have the right to return your goods within 14 days after arrival. The full terms of return can be found here on our website.

    Please note that returns from outside EU are pricey. You'll need to pay for the return cost yourself.

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