Wallpaper circle Savannah S

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✳︎ High quality Non-woven wallpaper
✳︎ Diameter 142,5 cm
✳︎ The wallpaper circle consists of three sheets
✳︎ Matte print with clear colours
✳︎ Easy to apply with glue for Non-woven wallpaper
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Wallpaper circle Savannah S

Not only the lions are living as kings and queens here in the flourishing Savannah.
This place welcomes all species from all backgrounds with open arms!
How wonderful it is to be in an environment where absolutely everybody is accepted!
Big, small, tall or short,dotted or striped, it doesn't matter - there is love galore! 

Little Elephant plays tag with the guinea fowl while porcupine searches for tasty carrots.
The hippos are splashing around in the pool and leopard is snoozing in the shade of the tree.
You will discover something new every time with this wallpaper circle in soft sandy tones.

Wallpaper circle Savannah S exists of three sheets of non-woven wallpaper with a high quality matte finish. All of our wallpapers are being produced in The Netherlands.
The sheets combined make a diameter of 142,5 cm.

Our wallpaper is strong, will hold its color and is easy to apply. The wallpaper glue can be applied directly to the wall. All of our wallpapers are produced sustainably and PVC free. 

A manual is to be found at the frequently asked questions on our service page. (FAQ)
Wallpaper circle Savannah S costs € 89,95

© All of our products are original Hartendief designs and are protected by copyright. 

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