Sailing the Moon Wallpapercircle S

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✳︎ High quality Non-woven wallpaper
✳︎ Diameter 142,5 cm
✳︎ The wallpaper circle consists of three sheets
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Wallpaper circle Sailing the Moon S

Bear and friends are going on a special adventure in the middle of the night.
The moon silently glides over the mirrored surface of the sea.
Up in the sky, Bear, Owl, Fox and Little Bear can see thousands of stars shining.
Hare beautiful!
The sea is so still and smooth that you can see their reflection in the water.
Shh, whispers Owl! If you stick your hand in the water you can scoop up the stars!

This dreamy wallpaper circle Sailing the Moon S is divided in 3 sheets of non-woven wallpaper with a high quality matte finish. All of our wallpapers are produced in The Netherlands.
Together the sheets form a circle with a diameter of 145,5 cm.

Our wallpaper is strong, will hold its color and is easy to apply.
The wallpaper glue can be applied directly to the wall.
All of our wallpapers are produced sustainably and are PVC free.
A manual is to be found at the frequently asked questions on our service page. (FAQ)

Wallpaper circle Sailing the Moon S costs 89,95 € 

Also available in a larger size of 190 cm.

© All of our products are original Hartendief designs and are protected by copyright. 

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