Pendant lamp Night Riders

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✳︎ Pendant lamp Night Riders
✳︎ Maximum 60 Watt
✳︎ 25cm x 30cm
✳︎ Comes with a white cable of 80cm
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Night Riders pendant lamp 

Watch out! Here comes Bear in his cool racing car, Dog in the camper and Fox on his Indian motorcycle! This Night Riders hanging lamp is just a lot of fun.

These cheerful animals race across the roads at full speed.
A fresh decor lamp in daylight, but when you turn on the light at night this shade really becomes a spectacle.
The powerful beams of the cars headlights radiate straight through the landscape.
Those Night Riders race through the night over the hills and across the deep valleys. Vrooaaarrr!

Pendant lamp Night Riders has a diameter of 30cm and is 23cm high.
It comes with a white pendant cord of 80cm long.

Maximum 60 watts - preferably an energy saving or LED lamp.
The price of this pendant lamp is € 84,95 

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