Pendant lamp Forest

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✳︎ Pendant lamp Forest
✳︎ Maximum 60 Watt
✳︎ 25cm x 30cm
✳︎ Comes with a white cable of 80cm
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Pendant lamp Forest

You can't see who is hiding behind this fresh dark print of trees of this Pendant lamp Forest.

Do you see the moon and stars beaming? Big Bear and little bear, the mice and hedgehogs are holding their lanterns and parade through the dark forest. The foxes are dancing along! They are skipping with pleasure. Come on, let's go to the campfire together and listen who tells the boldest stories! Who do you think will win?

Price € 84,95 including 80cm white pendulum.
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Pendant lamp Forest has a diameter of 30cm and measures 23cm high. 
Max. 60 Watt.

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