Clouds Pendant lamp

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✳︎ Pendant lamp Clouds
✳︎ Maximum 60 Watt
✳︎ 25cm x 30cm
✳︎ Comes with a white cable of 80cm
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Clouds pendant lamp

There's a silver lining behind every Cloud, so they say....
This Clouds pendant lamp absolutely makes that true!
A wonderful lampshade that combines very well with greys, black and whites.
It has a clean white exterior with grey-shades that crisps up every room. 

Once you switch the light on, Hippo, Dog, Bear and Bird appear with their happy umbrellas.
They love the rain and do you see Owl dancing on a cloud? 
Can you see the colours of the rainbow?

This Clouds pendant lamp brings a feeling of peace in your room.
Price € 79,95 including 80 cm. white pendulum. 

Hanging pendant lamp Clouds has a diameter of 30 cm. and measures 23 cm. high. 
Max. 60 watt.

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