Flower field wall decal

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✳︎ Gorgeous wallsticker
✳︎ Size 31,5 cm x 45cm
✳︎ Decal is printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl film
✳︎ Easy to reposition
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Flower field Wall decal

Buzz buzzmm... ahh so sweet!

Make not only a garden in your heart, but also in your nursery with this great Flower Field wallsticker sheet.

The sheet is printed on repositionable sticker foil so that you can move every flower and bee.
You'll find 21 flowers and 3 bees cut for a real sticker party.

Careful with the feelers of the bees! They are delicate and thin and tear off easily when you pick them up.

This wonderful Flower field wall decal is is painted as watercolour and printed on high quality self-adhesive vinyl. Placing is simple and air bubbles are easy to iron out.

The wall sticker is matte and has a deep color.
It is best to stick the decal from the bottom up.
Once pasted, the flowers are easy to remove and moving it several times is no problem at all.
Be careful, for there is always a corner to tear!

This sticker is 31,5 centimeters high and 45 centimeters wide

Flower field wall sticker costs € 22,95

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