Dragon and Mouse

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✳︎ Gorgeous Dragon wallsticker
✳︎ Size 48cm x 48cm
✳︎ Decal is printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl film
✳︎ Easy to reposition
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Dragon and Mouse wall sticker

Mouse carefully sits on Dragon's back.
Dragon is really big and how beautiful is his color!
Mouse becomes silent in awe.
Together they set off for the Great Castle…Dragon can fly so fast!

Wall sticker Dragon and Mouse is printed on high-quality self-adhesive vinyl foil.
Applying is super easy and air bubbles are easy to flatten out with your hand.
The wall sticker is matt glossy and has a deep color.

It's repositionable- so placing it elsewhere after a while is no issue at all!
Changing it multiple times is no problem, but be careful. A corner can always tear!

This sticker is 48 centimeters wide and 48 centimeters high.
Dragon and Mouse wall decal costs € 34,95

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