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Welcome to our Hartendief webshop !
Original Design from our own studio
Made by hand by craftspeople from the Netherlands
With respect for our kids and the planet they inherit
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    Bear wants to Kiss the Moon-1Bear wants to Kiss the Moon-2
    The sweetest bedtime story from Hartendief Bear wants to Kiss the Moon Bear wants to kiss the is the sweetest story about a little Bear that wants to kiss the moon goodnight...will he succeed or is the Moon too far after all?
    Create a childrens room dream with the Moon and Stars from Hartendief-1Create a childrens room dream with the Moon and Stars from Hartendief-2
    Moon and Stars Create a childrens room dream with the Moon and Stars from Hartendief Any kids room becomes a magical place with these shiny gold stickers....


      Wonderlamps are lamps with a fresh and colourful design on the outside.
      Inside we hide a secret imaginary world where you can let your imagination take over.
      Switch the light on and you can see what surprise is hidden inside...

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      Hartendief has designed some irresistible wallpaper circles. You can easily create a nursery into the style and fairytale atmosphere of Hartendief.

      Choose our dreamy rainforest where the animals are hidden everywhere!

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      The wall stickers of Hartendief seem to hold the cord of the wall lamp. Children love these animal figures and brown bear regularly gets warm hugs before bedtime. With a handful of small stars stickers on the wall you complete the magic.

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      Bear wants to Kiss the Moon is the debut picture book of Hylkia de Jong from Hartendief. Illustrated in watercolor, she brings the animal figures we know from the Hartendief products together in a heartwarming bedtime story.

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      Choose your magical Hartendief illustration for on the wall in your nursery or kids room. Printed on 140 grams matte paper. Combine a poster with your favourite pendant lamp or wall lamp.

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